An Open Letter to Everyone

Love not hate


Dear Everyone,

Today is international womens day.

This is a day of strength, encouragement and love. Support the women in your life, whether it be a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, cousin, friend or even enemy.

All women have the right to be equal. We are not objects and we are certainly not below anyone.

Many women around the world in the past and present have faught for equality. Caught long and hard for the right to vote, the right to equal education, to equal work between men and women, fighting for reproductive rights like birth control and marching against violence towards women. To this day we are still fighting for these rights among many others.

Just to be seen as equal.

Yet, this day can be shadowed by negative comments and insults… Saying all feminists are man haters, stupid, bitche, slut, etc. When all we want is just to be equal…

Please support the women in your life with love and encouragement.

Love not hate.


The Anxious Young Woman

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