An Open Letter to My Grade Six Class

I do not hate you


Dear Grade Six Class

I joined you half way through the school year. I was so nervous and scared about it all. Although I wasn’t new to moving what so ever, I’d lost count how many times I had moved by then.

(I think what made it even scarier was things at home weren’t that great)

I came in hoping that I would possibly make a friend or two. Instead I met the worst people of my life. In that class I learned to hate myself a little more, I learned that I was ugly, weird, unloved, poor begger and a lot more.

I tried my best at dealing with the name calling, the constant laughing, having to hangout on my own. I tried to act like it didn’t bug me, but it broke me down.

I cried myself to sleep a lot.

I think the final straw was when I got the email telling me I should die… My mum was angry that I deleted it. Not worried about me but just mad she couldn’t nail you for something bad. I was just so scared of that email I couldn’t handle it.

The worst was I really thought about it… That night I considered it, I truly considered the possibility that things would be better if I was dead.

I look back at that school year and its just sad that I was only 12 years old…. 12 years old and I wanted to die.

To this day I have my fair share of problems. Though that doesn’t stop me, I take pride that I made it where I am today. Especially, while some of you still struggle to do something with your life.

Sometimes…I have to wonder what you guys were struggling through to have the need to destroy another. I hope that one day you learn from the things you’ve done and become a better person.

I used to aim hatred at you guys, but as I have progressed through life I have learned that there are reasons for everything.

All you need to know is I am okay & I will not die.


The Anxious Girl

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