An Open Letter to My Best Friend

There are some things you cannot express enough


Dear Best Friend,

Our story doesn’t start out like the typical best friend story. It doesn’t have a lot of cliches, and there are years where we weren’t as close. The only thing that is true is we continue to be friends and every year, whether we talk or not, our friendship becomes stronger.

There are times where you seriously doubt youreself as a human being and see yourself as a weakling. The truth of the matter is that you are incredibly strong. What you see as a weakness, I will always see as strength. I will always be there like you have for me. It doesn’t matter where either of us goes because the one thing we can count on is the other will always be there. I will always be right beside you to show you how strong you truly are.

You are someone that I can trust 100%. I can show you the things I have feared to share with anyome else. You never judge me for my mistakas. There were times I thought my life was worthleas but you helped me make it worth something. You have saved me from many days of drowning in darkness. I thank you so much for being there at my weakest points. I thank you for not letting me step off the edge.

There are so many things I love about you as a person and as a friend. I love that you care about the people you love with all your being, rather then a part. I love that you work hard and encourage people to work just as hard if not to surpass you. I love that you encourage people no matter what state of mind you are in…. I love how smart you are, I love your smile, I love that we are best friends. And I can assure you that others love and tresure you just as much if not  more then I do (what am I kidding the only person who can beat that is mum).

There are not enough words that could describe what your friendship is to me.

Here is to a friendship that will last a life time!

Fuck the bullshit, middle fingers up because we’re setting fire to the world and letting nothing take us down.


The Anxious Best Friend

P.S. Breath

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