An Open Letter To My Significant Other

Sometime I don’t know how to thank you for your love


Dear Significant Other,

I’m proud of you.

Proud of myself and proud of us. We’ve struggled through our three and half years together. We’ve made it through my post secondary education. Never allowed any of that to get between us. I would be lying if I said a lot of our issues weren’t because of me.

I have struggled with my mental illness and I’ve ignorantly tried to ignore the problems. l would allow it to dig a hole between us. I dug the hole between us at time. I am not taking all the blame and I am not blaming it all on my mental illness.

I am proud of the fact you made me realize I could be myself. I could have an anxiety attack with you and not be judged… But it took shoving you away and closing off from you to realize this… And I am sorry.

You have started to watch you’re words. Started to be more patient and started to realize that my issues are a part of me. You realizef I’ve struggled for so long on my own that I didnt know how to struggle with someone.

You continue to love me when I cry, when I can’t leave the bed, when I get grumpy and throw rude words around and when I become silent… You just love me unconditionally.

There’s not much to out here, because I say a lot to you out loud and in my actions.

To many more years of me being proud of you… Of us.


The Anxious Girl That Loves You

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